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For most of us, we’re entering a second month of sheltering in place and getting used to the “new” normal, which now includes sheltering 24-7 with children and spouses, extended family, roommates, etc., often combined with work responsibilities. Keeping everyone under your roof occupied, entertained, fed, hydrated, healthy and productive requires thoughtful planning even under the best circumstances. At present, it requires not only planning, but inspired assistance!

Below are a few of our “favorite things” – ranging from calming, entertaining kitten and puppy cams, educational options for tots to teens, college students and even ourselves when we have some “me time,” goings-on in the great outdoors, entertainment for the entire family, exercise geared to everyone in the household, and story time. And yes, even some great board games!

Hanging Out with Sea Otters

Splash along with these adorable creatures with Sea Otter live cam from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Catch Your Favorite “Quaran-tunes” Live

Billboard – livestream entertainment and a calendar of coming events. From Willie Nelson to Gloria and Emilio Estefan, and classic Pink Floyd performances  streaming each Friday (debuting Friday, April 17th and continuing with new classic concerts each Friday from their YouTube account) to iHeartMedia’s special Virtual Prom for Los Angeles high schoolers May 1.

Space Racers

Videos, games, fun for kids and family-friendly free, fun, space-themed educational activities for the entire family. Includes episode descriptions for parents, as well as lesson plans for exploration and experiments to do at home. Entertaining, high production value ‘toon’ style!

Khan Academy

Take a seat and do a deep dive with educational content that covers everything from Khan Academy Kids geared for ages 2-7, including “Circle Time” book reading and activities, to upper education/collegiate learning about science, engineering, chemistry, biology, economics and finance, computing and coding, arts and humanities, math – as well as test prep for the SATs, LSAT, MCAT.

Education Compendium

They’ve done a great deal of footwork at  so you don’t have to. Scroll through pages of online educational resources from A-Z, all free (though some are free trial periods, so check the link to see if signups are involved), and find what works best for your situation.

Stay in Shape

Join the hundreds of thousands from around the globe working out with “P.E. With Joe,” YouTube fitness Guru offering free workouts geared towards children, Monday-Friday, as well as workouts for seniors and every age in between (and a “7 Days of Sweat” Challenge if you’re really looking to shake it off). If you miss the livestream version (Joe’s a Brit and broadcasts “PE With Joe” at 9am BST from the UK), just visit his YouTube channel and click on the any of the archived videos. Brilliant!

The Great Outdoors

Watch live eagles raising their hatchlings, hummingbird eggs in the nest, jelly cam, puppies napping in puppy piles, wobbly young kittens exploring their surroundings, rambunctious goats and even a busy bee cam in a hive … you name it, they have it. Animals in Africa, underwater scenes from around the world and just about everything in between. From

Board Games and Such

Last, but not least, pull out and dust off those board games …

Old School options include Scrabble, Monopoly and Risk. If you’re short on board game choices, check out Cards Against Humanity, also available now with a family-friendly version (aka those with younger children) Most of the games we grew up with offer online options as well via App stores, where you can play against people around the world; be sure to check out free options on Facebook such as Words with Friends.

Visit our Facebook page and let us know your faves, tips and tricks for adapting to the times.

From all of us here at Novita Insurance Solutions, stay safe and healthy.


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