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Technology. The way of the future. While the leaps and bounds we have made in regards to technology can be fantastic for our productivity, it can be detrimental as well. If your clients have any interaction on the internet, they are at risk, and nowadays who isn’t?

Cyber insurance is like life insurance; most customers do not see the need until they have a claim that ends up not being covered. The below are just examples among many to the question Do I need Cyber Insurance?


We have all been there…you get an email that looks legit, so you click on the link provided and realize that it was a malicious link. Unfortunately, it is too late, and a download begins that encrypts the system, takes over the data and will only release it when a ransom is paid. Usually, it is easiest and best to pay the ransom rather than try to get your data back.

Employee or Customer Information

A common claim that is reported is when a disgruntled employee still has access to the employers’ system. Unfortunately, an employer may forget to change a certain password, or may not have the ability to do so promptly.  The employee then hacks into the system and releases employee or customer information to make the company look bad.  It can cost thousands of dollars alone to deal with the public relations impact.


This one is starting to occur more frequently. An email comes to an employee “from” the employer instructing them to transfer a certain amount of money between bank accounts. Turns out that this is actually a hacker posing as the employer, and if the employee does as instructed, that money is lost.

These are very simple and common claims that occur on a daily basis.  Depending on the client, they could be exposed to any or all of these types of malicious cybersecurity threats.  By providing ComStar’s optional HSB TechAdvantage Policy, you can help your client answer the question Do I need Cyber Insurance?  Give us a call today to discuss options for your client.

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