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‘Tis the season for decorating your home with lights, inflatables, and other décor that you love. Christmas and New Years’ is a time to celebrate with family and friends.  Having all of these people in your home can pose some risks, and even more so with all of the holiday decorations.  Here are four ways to ensure that you keep your home, apartment, or townhome safe for the holidays.

  1. Be aware of your lights – The U.S. FireAdministration says that this month, December, is the worst for electrical fires. Before you string the lights up this holiday, be sure to check all of the lights and string for any defects. You don’t want to have any frayed lines connected as that can spark a fire. If you are not home, you should turn the lights off or unplug them. For an easy way to ensure this happens, invest in a timer for your lights, both indoor and outdoor.
  2. Water your tree – A dry tree can cause a home to go up in flames faster than you can imagine. Set a reminder in your phone, or an alarm, to remind you to water your tree every day.  Another way to avoid this is to use an artificial tree, then there is no chance of having a dry tree.
  3. If you travel – In a world where we plaster everything on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it is important that you don’t post about travel plans. Burglars have become very smart and not only watch homes to get your schedule, but they watch social media now too.  Avoid a break in by not advertising that you will not be home for the holidays.
  4. Avoid clutter – Decorations and gifts are a must for the holidays, but be sure to keep it under control. , especially if you are hosting.  Your family and friends will be coming to your home and walking around, so avoid slips and falls by keeping theclutter down.

Novita Insurance Solutions hopes that you have a fantastic holiday season with your family and friends. Keep your home, apartment, or townhome safe by following the above suggestions.

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