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Did you know that almost half of Americans have an animal of some sort, usually a dog or cat, in their home according to the ASPCA? Have you ever walked into a business and have been surprised to find a dog waiting to greet you?  Whether you are an animal lover or not, this can be off-putting to some. In addition, some insurance companies will not allow animals at all. When it comes to insurance, animals in a place of business can be a huge risk, so if you have clients who are lessors be sure they know how to handle it if their tenant wants to have an animal with them.

Animals in a Business

Having a dog, cat, or we have even seen parrots, in a business can be a huge risk.  Not only for the obvious things, like biting but also because there are many people that are allergic.  With the litigious society we live in today, it may be best to avoid this risk altogether.  However, if your customers can’t live without having their furry companion by their side, be sure they develop a risk management plan specific to animals should any issues arise.

Animals in an Apartment

While having animals in an apartment can pose less of a risk, it is still there.  The people coming in and out of an apartment are usually well known to the occupant and limited so the risk is lessened.  However, this does not completely eliminate it. Animals can still attack if they feel threatened for any reason.  Often times situations arise because a child wants to play and the animal doesn’t.  Be sure to have your clients communicate with their tenants on their expectations.

Make the Decision

Commercial property owners should decide from the beginning whether or not they will allow animals.  If they do, they should make sure there are rules spelled out in any lease or contract and that they are enforced.  If they own the business and want to have their animals with them, help them develop an effective risk management plan.

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