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Has your client’s property had water damage claims over the years that have affected their premiums and overall deductibles?

According to a leading insurer’s claims data, water or liquid damage is a leading cause of commercial property loss from a frequency/severity standpoint. What often starts out as a small, undetected leak can quickly spread through a building and cause structural, operational, financial and even reputational losses.

The good news is that water and sewer backup coverage can be purchased under a commercial property policy and it’s very affordable. This insurance policy endorsement can help insured’s fully recover from backed up pipes and subsequent water damage.

Novita recommends all property owners have this additional coverage; water backing up from a sewer or drain can create a clean-up nightmare, and damage appliances such as electrical circuitry, furnaces and water heaters, as well as content stored in a lower level.

What Protection Does Water/Sewer Backup Provide?

  • The backup of water or waterborne materials through a sewer or through a drain.
  • Water or waterborne material that overflows from a sump pump, even if the backup of water is due to mechanical breakdown of the pump. Coverage includes damage to covered property, but excludes the sump pump and any related equipment that has broken down.

Novita Insurance Solutions water and sewer backup flexible deductible structures help mitigate water damage payouts, while keeping the property deductibles at the package level. Contact us and we’ll help you put together a solution for your client today.

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