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A pool can be a nice and relaxing place in the summer months. It is a great way to keep the kids active and cool off in the humid weather. With a pool, however, comes a lot of risks and responsibility.  Most insurance companies will require you to have a locked fence around a pool to reduce liability. Drowning is not the only thing that you or your clients should be aware of. Here are the top 5 ways to avoid dangers of pools.

  • Be Aware of Secondary Drowning – Something that has been talked about more and more is secondary drowning. If anyone in a pool aspirates on water you should watch out for any respiratory problems afterward. It is always better to go to the doctor and determine they are okay then to take a chance.
  • Put down the devices – If you have to, leave your phone inside while outside at the pool. This will help reduce distractions, especially when kids are involved.  A simple ting of a text message can cause you to become distracted long enough for someone to drown.
  • Fence your pools – Not only do some insurance companies not allow you to have an unfenced pool, but some even offer a discount if you have a fence. When shopping around for your clients with pools, be sure to ask their pool policy.
  • Don’t rely on flotation devices – Armbands and life jackets are an amazing life-saving device but unfortunately, they are not full proof. If there are children in your pool you should always have an eye on them.  If you are with a group of adults, designate one person to be the water watcher.
  • Kiddie pools can be just as risky – Even if the kids are older, if you don’t clean your kiddie pool on a regular basis it can begin to grow harmful bacteria. If you have one, be sure to clean and disinfect at least once a week.

Having an awareness of all the things that are dangerous about pools helps mitigate any potential accidents.  It is meant to keep you alert and provide everyone with a safe place to swim.

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