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Wholesale brokers are valuable allies to the retail broker community when it comes to handling difficult-to-place risks. With the current pandemic touching and potentially reshaping wide swaths of the insurance industry, up to and including possible changes to current, future and retroactive policies that protect landlords against commercial real property lessee’s property losses, a wholesale broker provides quantifiable value. In the next few weeks, Novita Insurance Solutions looks at how a wholesale broker can assist insurance brokers and their clients in navigating the “new” normal.


The first area of impact is expertise. Wholesalers have years of experience, deep knowledge, and personal connections within their specialty areas. While some retail brokers have dipped into the excess and surplus market, changing market dynamics, available capital, and new risks make the use of an experienced wholesale broker a smart choice in today’s marketplace. At Novita Insurance Solutions, expertise is a hallmark.

Founder and principal Pat Lowther, a twenty-year insurance industry professional, has a proven record of success, including consulting with individuals and businesses to provide insurance strategies aligning with their financial objectives.

Novita = Innovation

Pat’s innovative and solid approach to creating commercial property and liability packages provides insurance brokers and agents unrivaled coverage options that protect their clients’ real estate investment. Novita’s team of professionals is committed to its mission of providing and delivering the best products and solutions at competitive prices to address market dynamics, whatever the current circumstance.

Contact us; we can assist you in reviewing, evaluating and realigning LRO policies to address the changing coverage needs of your clients.


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