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We’ve just turned the page on a new year, and a new decade. Before we’re into the thick of it, take a moment to set your intentions to manifest how you can make it your most successful year, and your most successful decade.

Here are Novita Insurance Solution’s top three intentions to enable you as an agent/broker to offer and sell on value, allowing you to deepen your engagement with your clients and prospects.

Be a Trusted Consultant

Insurance seems “simple” for you and me, but it’s a mystery to most policyholders. They need an expert who can identify risk and whom they can trust to explain both their exposures and the policies that cover them. Hard data, such as information, and anecdotal information are two was to demonstrate your industry knowledge and your experience. Share these with your prospects as you build a personal relationship with your prospects and your existing clients so they know you’re not just about “selling” insurance.

Be a Storyteller

If you ever give your clients “worst-case scenario,” you are already incorporating the art of storytelling in your sales pitch. Prospects often see and identify themselves in these stories, allowing them to ponder what they might do in such a situation if they were caught short with no coverage or the wrong or insufficient coverage. Similarly, stories where the policyholder was prepared and covered, allows you to tell the “hero” story (the hero being you, your agency, your product offering). Success stories, wherein a policyholder comes out ahead following a calamity, is impactful and is in stark contrast to the “worst-case scenario.”

Be a Problem-Solver

Insurance sales is by definition an exercise in “you don’t yet know what you don’t know” – you, the trusted agent/consultant is offering a solution to a problem your client or prospect doesn’t even yet have … but might in the future. This is where your industry experience, claims data and the like can illustrate a intangible solution to a murky, out-of-focus root problem. Being a problem-solver requires more attention from you, but clearly illustrates your value to the process as well as to the policyholder. A definite “win-win.”

At Novita Insurance Solutions, we’re dedicated to helping you strategically grow your book of business, while providing you with best practices and best products to meet the needs of your clients. Contact us and let us assist you in structuring comprehensive Commercial LRO programs for your clients across a multitude of real estate asset classes.

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