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With a new year comes new goals for your insurance business. As a broker, you are constantly looking for ways to increase your sales and therefore your profits. Sure, obtaining new clients is a given and selling more policies is always the goal. Previously, we discussed some quick tips to help you land the sale, but now let’s talk about how to get and stay motivated now that 2019 is upon us.

  • Review 2018 – The best way to get started on a new year is to look at the prior year and make goals based on where you came up short. Also, look at what worked for you and your business and continue to do those things in 2019. It is important for morale, especially if you have employees, to review the good and the bad.
  • Check Industry Trends – The insurance market is forever changing so it is important that you stay on top of the trends and amend your goals and business strategies to align with them. You can have the best goals and strategies in the world, but if they don’t match up with insurance industry trends you will be left in the dust.
  • Be Organized and Current – Technology is changing the way we do business. Make sure that your agency management system and the like are updated and ready for the future. Keep your client files organized and document everything.
  • Have Timed Goals – All of your goals should have a deadline. Even if you use quarters of the year, the best way to accomplish goals is to have a deadline.

You can make this the best year yet for your business by following the above tips. On top of these make sure your professional relationships are strong. Novita Insurance looks forward to 2019.

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